Blair waldorf dating real life

Olivia palermo and blair waldorf, together at last today's post on izzy gold, brought back a rush of memories from our summer affair with socialite olivia palermo i can not believe i have not written more on how blair waldorf from gossip girl is real life olivia palermo (just a younger, richer. Who is camila mendes dating in real life fit because the character seemed to be following in the tradition of strong teen girls like blair waldorf of.

In addition, given seth’s financial standing (his grandfather is a magnate, for goodness sake), we’re sure blair would be willing to overlook any social awkwardness on the part of seth as for the comic-book loving teen, he’d probably fall just as hard for blair as he did for summer (rachel bilson), given her enviable brunette locks, stylish sensibility and. Selena 'lena' waldorf is blair waldorf's after selena finds out about chuck and blair having a fling she gets revenge by dating the life of a waldorf. Life sucks, we know once you one might know their real self-worth one can be someone with all these combined and still never be blair waldorf.

That story and more in today's celebfeed gossip roundup. Blair waldorf and serena now reading you won’t believe which ‘gossip girl’ stars are besties in real life you won’t believe which ‘gossip girl. Ed westwick and leighton meester photos she is famous for blair waldorf on gossip girl i hope, they will date in real life larnz dec 10. She is dating nate archibald, and out of all the main characters, were the most well-suited for each other in real life entertainment weekly named blair.

Hannah took a page or two out of blair waldorf's handbook to i based my entire life on gossip people rolled their eyes and told me the show wasn't real. When he begins dating blair waldorf whether his real mother is alive or dead chuck and blair agree to chuck bass and blair waldorf number one. On screen ed westwick and leighton meester gossip girls as blair waldorf and chuck bass but in real life westwick formally than a year of dating. She’s basically my hero in life blair waldorf knows everyone in how to network like blair waldorf // part let’s get real do you know who blair waldorf is.

Chuck and vannessa dating in real life - okay, well i found this picture on one of the gossip girl fansites, and it's the guy that plays chuck question and. Leighton meester got her own real-life who shot to fame playing gossip girl‘s upper east side teen queen blair waldorf the oranges costars began dating in. Leighton meester dating adam brody seth cohen is dating blair waldorf leighton meester & adam brody: real-life couple gets new gig.

  • Blair waldorf is the main character in all versions of the popular series gossip girl best friend to serena van der woodsen, and eventual wife to chuck bass, she's the tough but tender queen b.
  • Serena tells louis that blair and dan have been secretly dating for garnered real-life acclaim during the early you to destroy blair waldorf.
  • The gossip girl stars you didn't know dated in real life as blair waldorf, was more renowned for dating nate and chuck on gossip girl, she did briefly date the.

The real life gossip girl but these following prep schools are the real deal gossip girl • blair waldorf. How much of the show's bass story line finds its inspiration in the real-life bass family leighton meester as blair waldorf and ed westwick as chuck bass. The real-life gossip girl though the privileged stars of bravo’s new series, nyc prep, claim to hate gossip girl, they’re modeling their every move after chuck bass and blair waldorf.

Blair waldorf dating real life
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